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2002 Misgav Am Security Road

Misgav Am is located high in the eastern Upper Galilee surrounded by beautiful scenery. The existing road became a security risk after the IDF withdrew from Lebanon as it was visible from Lebanese territory. The new road runs east of the Kibbutz Misgav Am and is hidden from view thus ensuring secure travel for the Kibbutz residents. The residents of Misgav Am travel the road daily on their way to work as do the children on their way to school. The region's many visitors also make extensive use of the road on their way to stay overnight at Misgav Am's country-style accommodations.

2003 Basketball Court in JNF's Presidents Forest

President's Forest is ideally located midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The forest has a singular blend of natural vegetation, planted forests, archaeological sites, environmental sculptures and scenic lookouts making it a popular destination in central Israel. The basketball court is already a favourite stopping off point with natural attributes that makes it perfect for ball games.

2004 Hashomer Farm Army Base-Family Meeting Place

The IDF Hashomer Farm Base in the Lower Galilee is a training base for very special new recruits. The exceptional educational program offered here allows young people who would otherwise not be considered suitable for army service to serve in the IDF. Their successful IDF experience greatly increases their chances for integration into Israel society in the future. The meeting place offers an area for families of the recruits to get together for fun and relaxation.

2005 Vision Negev

Vision Negev has been established to address the needs facing the Negev Desert over the next 10 years. 60% of the land of Israel is made up of the Negev, but only 8% of the population resides here. The plan is to develop 25 new communities, some wil lbe suburbs for existing towns and others will be enhancement of the Kibbutzim. Plans are underway for railway systems and a massive water environment and economic development project. Trees still matter. Throughout the Negev areas are being re-developed by planting saplings.

2006 Sending Kids with Cancer to JNF Camps.

This project allows for children who are ill with cancer to be involved in an outdoor program, to play, to learn and to enjoy in the sunshine. The children are involved in activities at JNF sites around Israel. There are two special programs: An Outdoor Experience-a full day in the forest with sports acitivities, creative activities, hiking and cookouts in one of JNF Field Centres including meals and snacks. The Overnight Adventure-the activities are very similar to the day experience but the children also enjoy an overnight adventure in the air-conditioned and heated cabins at specific JNF Field Centres, of course, including meals and snacks.

The Program is open to all children suffering from this terrible disease, it also has a very special impact on those families who may not have the means to provide their ill children with a bit of extra reprieve from tough days of coping with the illness and ongoing treatment.

2007 Fire Station in the Northern Galilee

Wildfires are one of the most severe threats facing the forests in Israel. The fire-fighting centre is comprisedof a building with a special room where firefighters can rest while on call, a storage area for firefighting equipment and a shed for the fire truck.

2008 Rosh HaAyin Forest - Recreation Area for Children with Disabilities

Rosh HaAyin forest is a beautiful Urban forest, just north of Rosh HaAyin, about 20km northwest of Tel Aviva. The creation of this site in the forest allows equal access to all residents of cities and towns to open green spaces they can enjoy with family and friends. It makes it possible for people with disabilities, like everyone else, to strengthen their bond to nature as they realize the tranquility nature provides in a world growing busier by the day.

2009 Mevo'ot HaHermon - Shehafim School - Playground

Shehafim (Seagulls in Hebrew) School is a special education school in Mevo’ot HaHermon regional council in the northern Galilee. The school caters for approximately 40 students aged 4-21, including Jewish and Arab youngsters from the region. The school won a national prize in 2001 for its efforts to enable each child to maximize their independence. KKL-JNF developed the school grounds and is now planning a playground to be built in a small grove just outside the school. The playground will include a number of installations suited to the needs of children with disabilities. (photos coming soon).

2010 - Restorer of Jerusalem

The proceeds from the 9th Annual JNF Golf Classic were directed towards the restoration and development of the old city walls of Jerusalem.A fully accessible archeological activities garden and scenic promenade is to be built for the enjoyment of all who live and visit the ancient city. Those who donated or sponsored a minimum of $5,000 will have their names inscribed on a wall of honour, which will run between the Jaffa Gate and the Zion Gate. The project is scheduled to be completed within the next five years.

2011 - Be'er Sheva - Alut Home - Landscaping
A Green ALUT Home

ALUT, the Israeli Society for Autistic Children, has a network of 16 residential facilities throughout the country, especially developed for young people and adults. The society is currently developing a new "home for life" in the Be'er Sheva for people suffering from autism. Two residential units have already been completed; another four remain to be built. KKL-JNF plans to take on the task of providing a pleasant, calm green environment at the facility. The grounds will be carefully landscaped, including fencing, pergolas and benches. Mature trees will be relocated to the grounds.

2012 – Sports Field at Kibbutz HaHotrim

Kibbutz HaHotrim, located on the northern Carmel Coast was founded in 1942 and today has 600 inhabitants. In the year 2000, the kibbutz economy collapsed and as a result, the community underwent radical changes in this socio-economic structure. The newly elected committee for the kibbutz is trying to improve the social, economic and community life. To help the residents meet their goals, JNF has developed a sports field at the Yafit Park complex at the kibbutz. The kibbutz residents can now enjoy games of football, volleyball and basketball. The surrounding area will provide a green shady place for the residents to spend their free time outdoors. Up to now, the kibbutz had no such site and it will markedly contribute to the residents’ quality of life. Development of the sports field includes earthworks, paving, painting, perimeter fencing and lighting.

2013 – Jerusalem – Ilanot Schoolyard Development
KKL-JNF, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and various foundations, will renovate the yards of the Ilanot special education school to meet safety and accessibility standards. Ilanot is a public school in which some 70 students, ages 6–21, with severe motor and cognitive disabilities study. About half are from East and West Jerusalem and half from the surrounding area. The schoolyard will be designed to meet student s’ physical, social and emotional needs, especially those with lower cognitive skills. It will be easily reached from the classrooms via ramps and handrails. The equipment, selected based on current special - needs standards, will be set up on a safe rubberized surface. Benches,shade pergolas, water taps and a fish pond will be installed, along with fun playground elements such as a sliding board, a bell tower with pull - ropes, a wooden “treasure box” containing objects to touch and a Perspex “giving tree” – a structure affixed with objects made for touching. Herbs and spices will be grown in irrigated planters.
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